What is the most important
for us is your satisfaction

Adese Markt is continuing its activities in line with its corporate misson to satisfy its customers. It aims at offering a unique and the best service to its customers by making a difference with the products and prices that it offers. We are showing our best efforts to continue growing and offer the best to our customers without giving up our principles and loosing our quality.

Besides our concern for quality and hygiene in all the products that we offer, we offer thousands of them to you without giving up our comptetitve price policy at all.

• From its foundation onwards our supermarket had targeted to offer you high quality and healthy products with its experienced work team and play a leading role in the changes and development of the sector

• Satisfaction of our customers is always in the forefront for us. We are aware that the best reference is a satisfied customer. Sale of low quality products, which would shatter customer satisfaction and our well-established place in the supermarket sector is not allowed.

• There is no difference between none of our branches in terms of service and quality

• Alcohol is excluded from our product portfolio and no products like pig meat and pig products, which are outside the concept of halal food, may find a place in our shelves

• Needs and expectations of our customers are met exactly and rapidly.

• Customers are offered a comfortable shopping environment

• Adese Markt is always respectful towards its customers with its experienced staff.